Grameen Jameel

Association Al Karama de Micro Credit (Al Karama)

Grameen-Jameel in MoroccoAl Karama is a non-profit organization established in 1999 that specializes in microcredit. Created under Morocco’s national microcredit law (18/97), it is committed to supporting the progressive growth of microenterprise by supplying financial and technical support to its clients. As of March 2012, Al Karama’s Gross Loan Portfolio was MAD 35,4 million (USD 4.2 million) and served 16,200 clients through 46 branches and satellite offices in three regions in Morocco. Al Karama is poverty focused, lending mainly to women (62% of clients) and providing social development programmes to its members. Al Karama’s presence in rural areas is significant (30% of portfolio).

In 2010, Al Karama was rated “ β “ by MicroRate.

Grameen-Jameel has been supporting Al Karama since 2005. The work was initiated with Morocco’s first forum for microfinance organizations and policy-makers to discuss the importance of expanding services to the poor in the neglected Eastern region of the country. Al Karama became a Grameen-Jameel partner in 2006. Grameen-Jameel has provided financing and technical assistance to help scale Al Karama.

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