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Grameen-Jameel in Yemen

Sanabel Network

Sanabel was established in 2002 by 17 founding members in seven Arab countries as a membership-driven regional network for microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the Arab world. As of2012, Sanabel members increased to 89 of the leading MFIs in the region representing 13 Arab countries. Its members collectively serve 90% of the total active microfinance clients in the region. Grameen-Jameel was a Platinum Sponsor of the 7th and 8th Annual Conference of the Sanabel in June 2010 and June 2011, and has partnered with Sanabel and the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) since 2004 to launch the Arabic Microfinance Gateway in order to facilitate the spread of information on best practices among microfinance practitioners.

Rockdale Foundation

A private foundation with the purpose to strengthen Arab microfinance and through microfinance, Arab micro entrepreneurs by supporting regional infrastructure and individual Arab MFIs. Rockdale Foundation partnered with Grameen-Jameel to introduce Mifos, the only open-source loan tracking system for microfinance, and to support Sanabel’s first Arab Microfinance Investment Seminar in 2006.

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)

CGAP is a leading independent resource for objective information, expert opinion, and innovative solutions for microfinance and works with the financial industry, governments and investors to effectively expand access to financial services for poor people around the world. Grameen-Jameel partnered with CGAP and Sanabel to launch the Arabic Microfinance Gateway and in 2010, Grameen-Jameel, CGAP, Deutsche Bank and Islamic Development Bank launched the Islamic Microfinance Challenge, a competition to develop a sustainable business model for the practice of sharia-compliant microfinance.

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

A member of the World Bank Group; fostering sustainable economic growth in developing countries by financing private sector investment, mobilizing capital in the international financial markets. Grameen-Jameel and IFC have partnered on market studies on demand for microfinance services for both Lebanon and Syria.


With a mission to empower the poor worldwide and by promoting income-generating activities through private investments in microfinance; . in 2008, Grameen-Jameel and BlueOrchard jointly hosted the Arab Microfinance Investment Symposium, the first forum for both investors and microfinance institutions, in Dubai.

Deutsche Bank

A leading global investment bank with competing to be the leading global provider of financial solutions In 2010, Grameen-Jameel, Deutsche Bank, CGAP and Islamic Development Bank launched the Islamic Microfinance Challenge, a competition to develop a sustainable business model for the practice of sharia-compliant microfinance.

Islamic Development Bank

An international financial institution established in pursuance of the Declaration of Intent issued by the Conference of Finance Ministers of Muslim Countries with a purpose to foster the economic development and social progress in accordance with the principles of Shari’ah; i.e., Islamic Law. In 2010, Grameen-Jameel, Islamic Development Bank, Deutsche Bank and CGAP launched the Islamic Microfinance Challenge, a competition to develop a sustainable business model for the practice of sharia-compliant microfinance.

Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance (GCAMF)

Focusing on providing financial support to MFIs dedicated to agriculture and rural activities and those dealing essentially with womenand encourages and facilitates social business projects, in 2010, Grameen-Jameel and GCAMF jointly provided a USD 3 million guarantee to Lead Foundation in Egypt, which raised USD 6 million in financing.

Comité d’Echanges de Réflexion et d’Information sur les Systèmes d’Epargne-crédit (CERISE)

A knowledge exchange network for microfinance practitioners. Founded in 1998, CERISE is richly diverse, bringing together a variety of practitioners, researchers, donors and investors from the North and South. n 2009 and 2010, Grameen-Jameel and CERISE collaborated on a series of Corporate Governance workshops provided to microfinance institutions in Morocco. Grameen-Jameel also updated and adapted CERISE’s Handbook for the analysis of the governance of microfinance institutions into a new text titled The Corporate Governance & Risk Management Handbook for Microfinance in the Arab World.


The most widely represented international banking organization in MENA, with a presence in 12 countries across the region: Grameen-Jameel Microfinance Limited and HSBC Bank Middle East limited (HSBC) have signed the first Corporate Agreement in May 2012 in Dubai, UAE to support microfinance through the Bankers without Borders® program in MENA. Through this partnership, HSBC aims to volunteer its employees’ financial, technical and professional expertise to support Grameen-Jameel’s microfinance institution partners through the Bankers without Borders® (BwB) program.

“HSBC has a strong corporate sustainability culture and this is an excellent way for our colleagues to use their experience and passion for finance to help the underprivileged.”
-David Kotheimer, Regional Head of Strategy & Planning and Head of International HSBC MENA