Grameen Jameel


Grameen-Jameel in EgyptEgypt is the second most populous country in Africa and the most populous in Middle East North Africa region. According to the World Bank (2008 data), it is estimated that 18.4% of its population of 83 million lived on less than USD 2 a day,.
Human Development Index gives the country a rank of 113th out of 182 countries in 2011.

Estimated market size for microfinance is about 6 million potential clients, of which approximately 20% are currently served by the sector. Grameen-Jameel works closely with three microfinance institutions in Egypt and has formed partnerships with them. These partners collectively serve nearly 300,000 microcredit clients in Egypt (of a total of 1.2M clients reached by MF) as of March 2012, about 25% of the total market.

These Microfinance institutions are: