Grameen Jameel

Enda inter-arabe (enda)

Grameen-Jameel in Tunisia
Enda is a pioneer MFI in Tunisia and in the Arab region. Enda inter-arabe was founded as a multi-sector development organization focusing on environment, health, education, and youth activities in Tunisia. In 1995, enda launched a microfinance program with total capital of just USD 20,000. Since then, enda has exhibited strong growth, reaching 215,600 clients as of March 2012 (with a Gross Loan Portfolio of near USD 75million), enda inter- arabe has served 359 612 clients and 1078 519 loans have been granted for a total amount of USD 450 million, Women remain the main target of enda-inter-arabe (71%). Enda inter arabe is currently focusing on developing micro-enterprises in rural areas and is also taking measures to better target sectors such as production/handicrafts and services and developing appropriate program for youth and for startup.

Enda was rated α/Stable Outlook by MicroRate in May 2010, along with a 4.5 star “Excellent” for Social Results and an “Excellent” for Social Commitment in its second social rating from MicroRate. It was ranked #21 on the 2009 MIX Global 100 composite list of top MFIs worldwide and #36 on the Forbes Top 50 MFIs worldwide for 2007. In 2011, Enda inter-arabe, has won the Grameen Jameel Award for leadership for the MENA region

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