Grameen Jameel


JANAJana Centers (Bena’a Productive Families Center) was registered in 2010 as a commercial company but operates as a non- profit financial institution with HQs in Dammam – KSA. The Centers operate purely on the basis of Islamic Microfinance, adhering to Sharia’a (Qard Hasan). Micro loans are given to women in hopes of transforming them from charity-seekers into working, self-sustaining businesswomen.

Jana is one of the initiatives of Suleiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajehi Charity Foundation which targets community development, only within KSA. Jana operates through 11 branches carefully distributed over different districts in KSA and it has served a total of 28,000 women borrowers since inception, of which almost 11,000 are currently outstanding. Its accumulated loans portfolio exceeds US$ 28M of which US$ 6.8 million is outstanding, with an impressive 99.9% repayment rate and almost zero% PAR. Jana’s website suggests that their overall lending activities have helped creating more than 13,000 new jobs.

Jana Centers are growing rapidly with the sustained financial support provided by the Mother Foundation as well as managing CSR funds on behalf of Tens of Local banks and companies such as Bank of Riyadh, ARAMCO, and Saudi Financing Fund. This sustained financing, combined with a team of high caliber staff and a high-profile senior management are all important contributors to the centers’ rapid growth and success. Reaching out to the poorest of the poor women. the key part of its mission is increase the income of poor women that have micro jobs and coaching and guiding them to enhance their business in order to be community productive individuals.