Grameen Jameel

Lead Foundation (Lead)

Grameen-Jameel in Egypt
Lead was established in 2003 as an NGO MFI serving the Greater Cairo area, where concentration of poverty is high. It was founded by a group of Egyptian businessmen, and funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID) for large‐scale growth through a cooperative agreement developed in 2003. Its mission is “to provide poor and low‐income entrepreneurs especially women with sustainable access to quality microfinance services that address their needs and build their capacity.”
Lead serves 136,000 clients as of March 2012, with a Gross Loan Portfolio of USD 19 million.

Lead has received a 5-Diamond Score for transparency from the Mix and was rated #10 in the 2009 Mix Global 100 composite list of top MFIs worldwide.

Lead became a Grameen-Jameel partner in November 2009. Grameen-Jameel recently provided Lead with a guarantee which will help facilitate local currency financing of US 6 million to finance loans for new clients. Lead participated in training in 2010 led by Grameen-Jameel on how to deploy the Progress out of Poverty Index™ (PPI™), to help them measure social performance.
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