Grameen Jameel

Maya Enterprise for Microfinance (Maya)

Grameen0Jameel in TurkeyMaya Enterprise for Microfinance (“Maya”) was established in June 2002 as an economic enterprise of KEDV (Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work), an NGO that focuses on early childhood education, development, economic empowerment, and disaster preparedness. KEDV operates under the Law Governing the Activities of Foundations, which enables it to lend through Maya on a not-for-profit basis. Maya was the first established institution in Turkey to offer Microcredit to low income women.

Today, Maya is based in Istanbul, with branches in Kocaeli ,Sakarya, Kartal (a district in Istanbul) and Eskisehir. As of March 2012, Maya had 1,917 active clients and a gross loan portfolio of USD 0.8 million.

Maya became a Grameen-Jameel partner in March 2010. It has received an initial grant to support portfolio growth, and technical assistance such as business planning, operating model and lending methodology to improve its processes and build its capacity. A further consultancy is being deployed by Grameen Jameel on operational model of Maya since January 2012.

For further information on Maya, please refer to their website: