Grameen Jameel


Grameen-Jameel in PalestineWith a total population of approximately 4.3 million, Palestine suffers from high unemployment officially estimated at 27% but likely much higher and marked poverty with 57% of its population below the USD 2 a day poverty line, of which 45.7% in the West Bank and 79.4% in Gaza Strip. The population is very young, the median age being 20.9 years in West Bank and 17.5 years in Gaza, and near 45% of the population is below 14 years old.

Various surveys estimate that microfinance demand extends to 800,000 households. Of this demand, near 6% is being met by the microfinance institutions (MFIs) serving Palestine.

Grameen-Jameel works in partnership with Palestine for Credit & Development (FATEN).