Grameen Jameel

Technical Assistance

Grameen-JameelGrameen-Jameel not only offers financing to eligible microfinance institutions, but also technical assistance. Our philosophy is the more efficient microfinance institutions can become, the less operating expenses they will have. These savings can be passed on to good clients in the form of discounted interest rates.

Our goal is to strengthen microfinance institutions throughout the region. By strengthening these companies through the right technical assistance, more clients will have access to capital. With access to capital, people can strengthen their micro and small businesses, providing a better quality of life for their families and future generations.

Grameen-Jameel can conduct a full-fledged institutional assessment by our team of professionals and help you to strengthen your microfinance company. Contact us for details on the relationship manager designated for your country.

SEEP FRAME Tool (© SEEP Network) Training:

Basic and advanced training in the completion of the SEEP FRAME Tool for reporting on and conducting financial and operational analysis of MFI performance.

Business Planning Workshop:

A guided exercise to assist MFIs in the development of a three or five-year business plan, from mission, and vision to markets and growth, organizational expansion and development, capital requirements, and financial /and operational projections.

Corporate Governance, Internal Controls, Risk Management: Customized Interactive Corporate Governance Workshop:

In order to lead microfinance institutions to greater heights to enhance the organization and to help revise traditional habits and principles of corporate leadership and risk management.

The Corporate Governance and Risk Management Handbook for Microfinance Institutions:

This manual was adapted from an international handbook for the analysis of the governance of microfinance institutions written on behalf of CERISE, and developed by Grameen-Jameel in cooperation with a number of international and regional industry leaders to specifically provide MFIs with a framework to proactively address the main challenges and key risks pertaining to corporate governance that are commonly faced in the region. This Handbook is the first of its kind in the Arab world, with real case studies drawn from the microfinance sector in the region. The manual is available in three languages: Arabic, English & French and delivered to microfinance institutions in an interactive workshop customized to assist the institution to assess current corporate governance and risk management functions, identify gaps and develop a strategy for strengthening corporate governance and risk management at various organizational levels. To enquire on how to enroll in the workshop, please contact a staff member of Grameen-Jameel.


Social Performance Management – Progress out of Poverty Index™ (PPI™)3:

The PPI is an objective client poverty assessment and targeting tool that provides client poverty level data, which enables MFIs to manage social performance. Grameen-Jameel offers training and support to implement the PPI and to leverage the tool to help achieve social performance objectives. For more information about the PPI, please visit

Customized Consultancy:

Upon MFIs needs and requests in areas such as Treasury Management, Operating model & Lending Methodology.