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Guidelines for Establishing and Operating Grameen-Style Microcredit Programs

Grameen Guidelines is the first comprehensive how-to guide to give microfinance institutions(MFIs) and other poverty-focused organizations the information they need to create or expand programs to provide financial services to the poor. It offers a range of advice and examples, from philosophy to strategy and implementation, for running a Grameen-style microfinance program. Grameen Guidelines provides start-up MFIs, poverty-focused organizations, donors, policymakers, academics, students, and others with invaluable understanding of a system that has and continues to help millions move out of poverty. Hard copies are now available for purchase on Amazon.

Grameen-Jameel Corporate Governance and Risk Management Handbook


Morocco: Morocco Microfinance Sector

The Microcredit Sector in Morocco Pre and Post Crisis (PDF)
Le contexte de microcrédit au Maroc Pré et post crise (Word document)